Multiculturalism is the way a society deals with cultural diversity, both at the national and the community level.


The word is most often used to describe the situation when a society consist of citizens with different ethnics and cultural origins. A society described as multicultural, means that the society consist of multiple cultures and ethnic backgrounds working and living together. In a society when people for different backgrounds link with each other’s culture show us the acceptance of each other´s background and culture. There are many multicultural societies in the world. Toronto is often described as “the most multicultural city in the world” with around half of the population born outside the country. Toronto is located in Canada. 

Multiculturalism is important for a society to fully function. They increase the knowledge about the various cultures and recuse the ignorance. They may also reduce the fear of the unknown. People become more tolerant and respectful towards other cultures. Creativity towards solving problems will be increased, because people think differently. 

Over the years America has become more and more multicultural. The USA is a huge society build of nationalities from all over the world, and people have for decades immigrated to the USA. The United states may have been one of the most open countries for immigration, but in recent times people have become increasingly aware of how this effects the country. Being critical of multiculturalism is not the same as being critical of religion or Islam. The United Kingdom and the united states have some of the same motives. Protectionism is important for both of the countries. That means that they are really protective over what is theirs. They want to protect their culture and people. The citizens even accuse the immigrants of taking their jobs and work opportunities.  One of the main topics in Brexit (the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European union) is Multiculturalism and the unemployment among citizens. With English as world language both was and is the country immediately attractive for people from all over the world to settle down. London contains somewhere between 250.000 and 300.000 French men. (Bratberg.Ø.2017) This is a good example that the city is attracting people in search of work or education.

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Leaving the European union can be a bad choice, because it will not only make it difficult for the Europeans to work in the UK. It will also make it harder for the British to work in Europe. In the text “Dear Europe” the letters from JK Rowling, Neil Gaiman, Mary Beard and more, you read different stories and letters from their experience with multiculturalism. JK Rowling tells us a story about all the opportunities she had, choosing whatever she wanted to do with her life. If she wanted to travel in her youth, whether she wanted any kind of office job in UK, or if she wanted to travel and become for example an English teacher in another countries. She writes that she is uncertain if the next generation will enjoy the same freedom if the United Kingdom leave the EU. There are a lot of people who don’t want to leave the EU, and want a new referendum.

What is mulitculturalism

Dear Europe